WOW!!!!! It has been a CRAZY year!!!

I haven’t blogged since last June as I was ending my first year teaching.

There I got that off of my chest.

If there is anyone out there at least a little interested in learning about my experiences as a high school band director, read on.  Contact me if you want to contribute as an author!

Anyway, a ton of stuff went down this year…along with the economy.  I started the year trying to get out of summer mode, and failing miserably at it.  Someone please enlighten me as to how to do it without seeming like the biggest flake on the planet for the first month of school.  Also, I hosted my regions large group contest this year.  WOW….that was an experience.  More on that in later posts.

Probably the most important thing I did this year was begin a parent group to help support music in my school.  This was a critical step for my program as the arts were hit pretty hard because of budget cuts.  Those parents are going to save by backside next year, because I am teaching Band AND Choir.  It is going to be as crazy, if not more crazy, than this year.  I am a little stoked to take on such a big job, but also petrified.  Stoked in that if I pull it off, I have proven myself a techer of some merit.  If I fail, the whole program goes down with me.

On my other blog “Music as Necessity” (, I posted a way to record your band for contest, all-state, etc.  I think that post was supposed to come here, but I screwed up.  Oh well….

Anyway, I wil be posting to this site quite a bit in the coming weeks, and also pusing hard to try and expand its scope.  If you would like to help me add to the pantheon of knowledge for music education, JOIN THE FUN!!!!


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