This page will be entirely dedicated to the existence, use, and application of technology for the musical classroom. Mike and I are very into using technology in the classroom in a variety of creative ways. And not only for classroom application, some technologies would work well in performance. Check back often to see updates!


These are the essential technological elements that every band director should strive to acquire.

1.  A digital recording device:  check out the post “Recording Your Band…Where To Start?”, and see the options I have found to record my band.  I think I am going with the Zoom H2 2 track recording device.

2.  A computer:  be it a laptop, MAC, Windows, or whatever, you should have one.  It is essential in terms of email, record keeping, inventories, and recording.  Most software that comes with the computer will satisfy all of these needs.  I have found that a laptop is best because I can use it to present Powerpoint presentations, and I can take it home so I can see my family once in a while.

3.  Some kind of data projector system:  this one might be more difficult to come by, but just ask any director who has one, and they will tell you that it is much better than writing on a white board.  I have found that doing theory examples on staff paper, and using a document camera through a data projector is much better than trying to transfer it onto a white board.

4.  High end stereo system:  listening should be at the core of any music program, and having something higher quality to listen through is preferable.  i use a Sony component system (that I bought myself), and run CD’s and my iPod through it.  I try and listen every day.  Having an iPod greatly enhances this, and hey….can you say TAX WRITE-OFF?????

That is all for now, but as more come to mind, I will post more.  If you have any ideas, let me know!!!


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