A Questions Posed:

How many times have you looked like this in rehearsal?

Would it be better for my students if I worked 70 hour weeks, and fought tooth and nail for a better program, resulting in a better more cohesive program but with an angry, unhappy man at the helm?  OR…Take my time, spend time with my family and be a happier person, striving for the same goals as before, but taking much longer?

I have struggled with this question for some time now, and have come to the conclusion that if I was the former, I would be more unhappy, thus making the students more unhappy…then what’s the point. In any workaholic’s wake, there are those that are neglected.  I do not want to risk making my family feel that I am a non-entity in their lives.  I just don’t know what to do, or how to be happy with the balance I find.

Think, think, think…


Still Back at the ol’ Drawing Board

A motto created by my students

Who ever coined the phrase “Back to the Drawing Board” must have been an educator.  Back in August, I wrote about reinventing myself as a band director and reshaping my program.  Well, it has been a long process, and what I hae learned is that I have not reshaped my program, but evolved with it.  A music program is like a living, breathing organism.  It like an ensemble unto itself. I have seen tremendous maturation occur so far this year, and have struggled to keep up.

This year, I have begun the great adventure of trying to be both band director and choir director.  It is one of the hardest things I have ever done.  The simple task of trying to transition between the two disciplines is mind-bending.  Fortunately, I have wonderful students who are doing a fairly good job of keeping this year in perspective and understanding that there are adjustments happening for everyone.  The learning curve has been very steep this year.

I think the most helpful change I have made this year is keeping a journal every day.  I reflect on everything from encounters with students to how a particular lesson went.  I started doing this for several reasons, among them was to gather the type of material that would be good for this blog and helpful to others.  So, going forward, I plan to share with you some of the most inspiring and insightful among my adventures this year so far.