Summer Vactation? WHAT Summer Vacation?!?!

Anyone who ways that teachers have it “easy” because we get Summers off…can cram it!  I have done nothing but work.  Obviously, it’s not quite like the school year, but feverish nonetheless.  Unfortunately the situation I walked into was one of chaos and disorganization.  During the year, it was all I could do to hang on and get some music made.  Now that the kids are gone, and I have a few nanoseconds to think, I am able to get some of the craziness cleaned up.  Fortunately, I have a strong core of dedicated kids who are/were willing to volunteer to help!

Here is what I got done, and what I have left to do:

1.  I (with the kids, my wife, and mother) completely reorganized all of the sheet music libraries (pep band, jazz band, concert band).

2.  I made an inventory of all of my loaner instruments.

3.  I redesigned my office to better suit my students, making it a rehearsal space as well as a place to find sanctuary.

Here is what I still need to do:

1.  Inventory all of my percussion instruments

2.  Reorganize my solo-ensemble library

3.  Establish a room plan that will allow for the most functionality for the mix of classes I will teach in there next year.

4.  Pick new music for next year (pep band, concert band, jazz band)

5.  Organize the flip folders for band camp

Jeez….I need to stop before I jump off of the nearest bridge!