A Questions Posed:

How many times have you looked like this in rehearsal?

Would it be better for my students if I worked 70 hour weeks, and fought tooth and nail for a better program, resulting in a better more cohesive program but with an angry, unhappy man at the helm?  OR…Take my time, spend time with my family and be a happier person, striving for the same goals as before, but taking much longer?

I have struggled with this question for some time now, and have come to the conclusion that if I was the former, I would be more unhappy, thus making the students more unhappy…then what’s the point. In any workaholic’s wake, there are those that are neglected.  I do not want to risk making my family feel that I am a non-entity in their lives.  I just don’t know what to do, or how to be happy with the balance I find.

Think, think, think…


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  1. Stengel99 said,

    June 12, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Hi Bandguys,

    Not sure if the question is rhetorical or not. I hope it is. There’s no doubt that your family needs to be a higher priority than work.

    Most of the powerhouse music programs I’m aware of fit into one of the following categories:
    – They’re run by a team of paid staff and parent volunteers. The Director serve as sort of an Executive Producer who oversees the operation.
    – They’re run by a single or divorced person.
    – They’re run by a husband/wife team who love work well together.

    Or they’re run by someone who will eventually burn out. I often think of Jaime Escalante.

    Just curious, but when you say you work 70 hour weeks, what are you doing during the extra 30 hours? I’m not trying to prove a point. I’m genuinely curious.

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