Ask for what you need, and good things will happen!

Among the many challenges this year, I have had a rash of broken equipment.  Most of it was from standard use, but nevertheless, it was like trying to hit a curve ball.  Where do I go for money?  Who is in charge of giving me the funds for fixing equipment?  What do I do in the meantime?  A million questions rushed to my mind.  I decided to go to the music coordinator, and ask him if he had the power to make things right.  Of course, I got the standard “I will see if there are funds available, but don’t keep your hopes up.” response.  But he actually DID check to see if there were funds available, and he DID replace all of the equipment that was damaged!  I was beside myself!  It was like Christmas!!!  OOPS…I’m sorry….it was like a Winter Holiday!!!!!!

Anyway, I received this equipment the day of my final concert of the year.  I was abl to use it, and to great success.

I am planning on writing a whole post on the end of my year.  I am sorry it has been so long since my last post.  i thought things were settling down.  It just goes to show you how inexperienced I am.