OOPS, we forgot to mention something…

In the heated euphoria of getting this blog online, we didn’t think of introducing ourselves, officially.

We are Mike Lewis and Matthew Pelandini. We are instrumental music educators in the South Puget Sound area in Washington State. We attended Central Washington University together, and earned our Masters Degrees at around the same time. Mike has one more year of experience than I (Matthew), and I am currently working at my first job (although I am 32!). Mike has been a valuable resource to me, and I to him (or so he claims). We thought, if we can help each other, why not the rest of the blog-o-sphere?

As I stated before, this blog is intended to bring music educators from all creeds and disciplines together in an effort to 1)consolidate our community, 2)bring together a compendium of knowledge and experience, and 3)have a great time sharing stories and help defeat the “isolation” of working with young kids all day long. We also felt like we could bring the “conference” atmosphere to our daily lives. I am sure many of your feel rejuvenated, or refreshed, or just happy to be around colleagues during a conference, so consider this platform as a way to bring that feeling to your daily life.

Now…on to more pressing business.

The WMEA conference I am attending now has been a mixed bag. Although the sessions I have attended have been great, the exhibitions have been somewhat underwhelming. There are less free samples, and less booths altogether. However, I did pick up a few cool items: “The Music Director’s Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful Program”, and “Teaching Instrumental Music: Developing the COMPLETE Band Program”.

I am looking forward to browsing the pages of these new buys. I will be sure to inform all of you about any insights I come across.


1 Comment

  1. jaygalway said,

    February 18, 2008 at 5:04 am

    Thanks for telling me about this Mike! I’ll let other bandies know about this site. ~Mindy

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