The good ol’ WMEA All State Conference!

Here we are at the good ol’ WMEA Conference in Yakima, WA. It was a great first day. Saw a session on reading and studying band scores from the Director of Bands at UPS (for those of you that are unfamiliar: the University of Puget Sound, located in Tacoma, WA). It was informative, inspiring and hopefully a sign of things to come this weekend.

The secret for my success at this conference, and my strategy for the weekend is to find at least one thing in EVERY session I go to that I can take back to my school. Even if it doesn’t seem at first that it pertains to my group, there must be something I can use. As I try to turn my group around, I am faced with having to deal with unexpected obstacles all of the time. It is my job to arm myself with as many weapons and approaches as I can.

As i sit here in my hotel room, I am looking forward to browsing the exhibits, trying to find something I can buy for my kids. I am looking forward to presiding over a session tomorrow, and in doing so bringing some small level of attention to my school.

Anyway, at this point, I have a lot of expectations for this conference. Let’s see if I find what I am looking for!


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